Driver Coaching Visual Aids


Are you looking for Visual Aids that are completely customisable?

At The Road Ahead, we have designed an extensive visual aid collection - which we call 'The Book'.

Most visual aids you can purchase as an instructor have scenarios pre-drawn on them.

With The Road Ahead's Book, you can be completely creative and make every lesson bespoke to your needs.

With a collection of roads, junctions, and situations, you can draw on them with a drywipe marker to make your lessons engaging and interactive.

All pages have

  • The Highway Code
  • Driving - The Essential Skills

Keeping it

  • Clutter-Free
  • Plenty of Blank Space
  • Tailor specifically to YOUR lesson, YOUR teaching style, YOUR student

High level of accuracy

  • Using "Know Your Traffic Signs"
  • Using live road CAD drawings
  • Using live road paint CAD drawings

What is in 'The Book' Driver Coaching Visual Aids?

The Book is a comprehensive set of over 55 Visual Aids for Driving Instructors, which include;

Driver and Lesson Aids

  • Topic Ideas
  • Progress Ladder
  • Colour Wheel
  • Driving with Emotions
  • Weather
  • Driving Emotions - Question
  • Driving Emotions - Impact
  • Gear Changing
  • Show Me, Tell Me Questions
  • Mind Map Bubble

Straight Roads

  • Straight Road
    • No Paint
    • Centre Paint
  • Priority Swaps and Giving Way
  • Bay Parking
  • Wide Road


  • End of the Road
    • No Paint
    • Painted
    • Top of the Page
  • Turn Left
  • Turn Right
  • Junction on a Bend
  • Y Junction
  • Cross Roads
    • Normal
    • Staggered
    • Yellow Box Junction
    • Filter Lane
    • Traffic Light Controlled


  • 4 Exit, Unpainted Roundabout
  • 4 Exit, 2 Lane Roundabout
  • 4 Exit, 3 Lane Roundabout
  • 3 Exit Roundabout
  • Spiral Roundabout
  • Spiral Roundabout with Traffic Lights
  • Mini Roundabouts
    • 3 Exit
    • 4 Exit
    • Double

Multi-Lane Roads

  • Dual Carriageway
  • Dual Carriageway - T Junction
  • Entry / Exit Slips
  • Motorway
    • With Hard Shoulder
    • All Lanes Running

Rural Roads

  • Country Roads Scene with:
    • House
    • Wildlife
    • Tractor
    • Common Country Road Signage

Driving Theory

  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Signs
  • Local Signage
  • Motorway Signage
  • Parking Rules and Restrictions
  • Traffic Lights

Example Full Page


How is 'The Book' Driver Coaching Visual Aids presented?

"The Book" is an A4 size, laminated publication. We use clamp rings to connect the sheets, which means you can also add and remove sheets as you require. (You'll need some pliers though, as they are super strong!!)

The lamination used is 180gsm, pre-punched. This means that the holes in the laminate sheet are added to the width of the laminate and do not go through the printed sheet - making it completely waterproof and long-lasting.

We have thoroughly tested our publication, as instructors ourselves - enabling us to provide such a high-quality product.

We've put our book through its paces, and it's still ticking! Whether you leave it in the door pocket, wedge it between the passenger seat and centre console, behind the driver's seat, or in a bag, "The Book" stays as clear and bright as the day you purchased it.

We've tested dry-wipe markers of various brands and shades on it, and all have remained perfectly legible even after frequent use, without ghosting.

Do you teach in Rugby?

As The Road Ahead operates in Rugby, Warwickshire - we have used our in-depth local knowledge to select another 6 particular road scenarios, and have created sheets for them.

We have included:

  • The Gyratory
  • Bilton Green Loop
  • Baileys Lane
  • A45 / M45 Roundabout
  • Cock Robin Roundabout
  • May Lane Crossroads
  • Northampton Lane Junction on Bend
  • MRA for Somers Road / Lawford Road
  • Sheriff Roundabout

Get in touch for the top-up pack.

Don't teach in Rugby? Don't worry!

We can add bespoke pages to your publication, for the area that you live!

We have access to online records of road layouts and can get most road designs. If not, we can re-design a page for you from Google Maps Satelite and Street View.

We can also create bespoke pages based on your needs or specific scenarios you use again and again.

Just get in touch!

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