Driving and Covid

The Road Ahead and our Instructors are committed to a safe and healthy learning environment

What is going to happen when you come for a driving lesson?

Before the Lesson

  • If you are self-isolating or the house is self-isolating, you and your instructor can’t have a lesson. Let your instructor know as soon as you know so you and your instructor can sort out anything our end. We will pause your lessons for 14 days or 7 days from the start of your symptoms.
  • Before you come out for the lesson, give your hands a wash and help us out with some fresh clothes
  • If you bring anything to the lesson, you will need to keep it in your pockets, so please, limit what you bring
  • It’ll just be you and your instructor in the car, we can’t have any observers at the moment
  • Payments must be made in advance, in-line with our Terms and Conditions
  • Check out our Terms and Conditions to see when you have to pay for cancellations (COVID and Otherwise)

During the Lesson

  • Your instructor will meet you outside the car, and confirm that you have no symptoms, and are not self-isolating (you need to be honest about this to keep us safe)
  • Your instructor might have some windows open to increase the air flow
  • Your instructor may ask that you wear a face-covering during lessons. The lesson will not continue if you do not have a suitable face covering, in these circumstances.
  • Your instructor wipe down all the touchpoints at the beginning of the day, and then after every lesson.
  • When you and your instructor are chatting at the roadside, your instructor will try to open the windows. Your instructor will use the visual aids as normal, but your instructor may not ask you to hold the aids or draw on them as before.
  • If your instructor has to take control of the car by touching the steering wheel or the gear lever, you will be asked to find a safe place to pull over to sanitise and use the hand gel

At the End of the Lesson

  • When you wear a mask, please leave these on until the end of the lesson, and dispose of it in your own waste (if it is not reusable)
  • Please, do not leave any of your items in the car

What is going to happen when you go for a Driving Test?

The DVSA have put some rules in place for the tests;

  • You are required to be wearing a face-covering during the test
  • There are no toilet facilities or waiting facilities available at the test centre
  • We will arrive around 5 mins prior to your test time – Your instructor will ask you to hop out, and your instructor will sanitise the car for the examiner
  • We will wait at the car for the examiner
  • We will keep to the 2-metre social distance rule from the examiner when outside the car
  • Your instructor cannot accompany you on your driving test
  • The examiner will provide you with a declaration which you will need to sign – that the car is insured and you have lived in the UK for 185 days out of the last 365.
  • They will then check the signature against your driving licence
  • They may then ask you to temporarily remove your face covering so that they can check that it’s you on the driving licence
  • The examiner may wipe down the surfaces of the car
  • They may also open their window during the test, and ask you to do the same
  • When you get back to the test centre, the examiner will likely ask you to hop out of the car for the debrief. You can have your instructor there for that, again, at the 2-metre spacings

After you have finished and the examiner has given the debrief, your instructor will need to wipe down the car before you both get back in.